As always, there are certain questions and certain misunderstandings about how we conduct our business. We want to answer some of the most common questions about our business

Are you looking for workers for just one position or for a variety of different ones?

The focus is not on one specific industry or business, we can provide qualified and licensed workforce for almost all branches of business.

Do you have any branches of business that you specialize in?

We provide workers for plenty different ones, but so far we do best with companies that need labor in the hotel and catering industry, agro businesses of all kinds, businesses that need all kinds of welders, businesses related to the textile industry, but we have excellent experience with all kind of other qualifications. All our workers are licensed and trained for the jobs they apply for and according to your needs..

Do you source labor only for seasonal jobs or can you provide labor allowance for some longer periods?

Yes,we can provide manpower for all lengths of time needed for your business. 
Both,from seasonal workers for 6 months and long-term workers for up to several years. It depends on your requirements.


How do you find workers and secure the right workforce?

By searching the database and using your criteria for the needs of the position, we conduct a detailed search of candidates using our database and the database of our foreign partners. The database is updated on a daily basis and gathers around 900. 000 workers available for a position that  vacant in your company.
Based on your instructions and needs, and in consultation with our staff, we make the best possible choice for you and present it to you as soon as possible.

How can I get in touch with you about my staffing needs?

Very easy. It is best to call us by phone, or contact us through the application on the website, or by email. After that, we will contact you and schedule an appointment and discuss your needs. After that, according to the agreement, we will begin the realization of bringing the workers to your address.

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