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Before we explain to you why we are the right agency to help you find workforce, and why we work in a way that sets us apart from other agencies, first you need to familiarize yourself with the process of finding and bringing in qualified workers that best suit your business.                                                      

Firstly, our agency runs like a well-oiled machine.

We leave nothing to chance, and work through the whole process from start to finish. 

Since bringing in qualified workers from other countries is a very intricate and delicate matter.

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When you choose us to bring necessary labor force for your business, first and foremost we must conduct an interview with you. We must assess and fully understand the demands and requirements of your business, so as to find the best suited workers to your needs.     

We need to get to know your business procedures, your requirements, but also the problems you are dealing with or you might encounter and how best to solve them with the appropriate workforce.

After an extensive observation, we decide what kind of workers are most suitable for YOU.

After we make a deal, our legal team and agents send applications according to our foreign partners with specifications related to workers who suit you and to qualifications, licenses, specialties, and everything else that you set as the requirements and needs of your job performance.  Please note that we work with certified international partners and have access to around 900,000 workers of all

profiles and backgrounds. Each of the workers we bring in has passed a check and must be qualified for the job they are registered in the database, which is proven by valid certificates related to his profile.

The possibility of bringing the workers who do not have the qualification or level they applied for is down to a statistical error. Even if it comes done to it does not worry, for we will send back and replace the worker not satisfying the criteria for no cost.

Poslovni partneri se rukuju preko stola

When we enter the visa process, our legal team is in constant contact with you and is available at all times. Why? Because it is in everybody’s best interest to make the best possible arrangement which will get you the best workers you can get, that will help your business flourish. For any additional questions our legal team is at your disposal.

Our goal is your contentment and satisfaction, therefore we must be open, precise and clear when making arrangements so the recruitment goes smoothly.

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